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Hartmut Landauer


1966            Born in Gemmrigheim, Baden Württemberg, Germany

1974-79       Lived in Quito, Ecuador 

1990-95      Studied fine arts at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

1995            Worked as a free artist on figurative painting cycles  "Telecontinents" and "world parts”, lived and worked in Mexico-City in 1994 and in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1995

1998-2001   Worked on the abstract painting series "lighthouse ray paintings" and "memory scapes" during a three year studio scholarship by the rural district of Esslingen, Baden Württemberg, Germany 

2005-08     Started making threedimensional objects from found cardboards and papers, developed a painting technique of geometrical sand layer reliefs as well as first paper inlay works during a five years residence in Cádiz, Spain 

2012            Started working on "heliotropes", a series of sculptures and installations made from found materials, worked on the paper inlay series "metamorphology" 

2015            Photographed "Tokyomorphosis" series, during a three months residence in Tokyo


Hartmut Landauer lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany