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Past Exhibitions EN

Akiko Horiuchi

Gallery Show:
青 / Blue

25th July (Tue) ー 19th August (Sat) 2017

Kishio Suga,  Kosokeitenshi , 1996  120 x 90cm Photograph by Jun Nomura

Kishio Suga, Kosokeitenshi, 1996  120 x 90cm
Photograph by Jun Nomura


Gallery 38 is delighted to present our colour-themed gallery show “Blue”, following the previous show “White”. 

In art history, the colour blue, such rare and valuable hue, has been highly prized and desired since lapis lazuli in the Ancient Near East. The pursuit continued to Egyptian Blue, the first synthetic blue pigment, in the Ancient Egypt and after ultramarine in the medieval Europe. In the modern era, many artists such as Picasso and Yves Klein obsessively pursued their own blue in their artworks.
We wonder, it is probably because that blue, evoking vast sky and sea, and consequently being associated with the notion of “nothingness”, may let one see an endless expanse which goes far beyond the flat canvas. 

This exhibition is comprised of blue-based works by Eiji Uematsu, Ei-Q, Kenjiro Okazaki, Kishio Suga, Kokuta Suda and Masaaki Yamada. It would be our pleasure if their “blue” leads you to somewhere beyond the tableaus.