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Akiko Horiuchi

Gallery Show:
植松永次 / Eiji Uematsu

14th November (Tue) - 22nd December (Fri) 2017


Soil , 2008  44.5 x 58 x 45 cm Photograph by Ayaka Horiuchi

Soil, 2008  44.5 x 58 x 45 cm
Photograph by Ayaka Horiuchi


Gallery 38 is delighted to announce a new gallery show by Eiji Uematsu, with his ceramic works from 1990's to the present. 

Uematsu describes his creative activity as a practice to face with soil, which predates expression. 
It is thought to be an interactive process; touch the soil, capture characteristics and essence of the material by natural instinct, and make them as a resource of his creation. 
When we stop and look closely at his works,  an original form of a relationship between humankind and nature starts to rise. 

Free from institutionalized modern art and ceramics and their boundaries, Uematsu has been continuing his creation with consistency and sincereness. 


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