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Akiko Horiuchi

Eiji Uematsu:
In the Water, the Depths of the Forest

9th September (Fri) - 13th October (Thu) 2016

In the Water, the Depths of the Forest

Tender rays of morning light, dappling greenly among the trees. 
In its midst, a gentle breeze wafts the blue of the sky like a shadow play.
Occasional birdsong plucks at branches like strings, inviting a chorus of insects.
In the distance, the voices of children.
A brisk wind has opened the glass door.
Let's peer inside. 

Eiji Uematsu


For its inaugural exhibition, Gallery 38 will exhibit works from the acclaimed exhibition "The Sky that the Rabbits Saw,” first shown in June this year at the Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery @KCUA, reconfigured with new works by the artist.

Uematsu Eiji’s works have the power to inspire a sense of nostalgia in the viewer, evoking shared memories of time spent playing in the soil and a more primordial relationship between humankind and nature.

One senses that the fundamental beauty of Uematsu’s works shows us something vital that is gradually being lost from contemporary artistic expression, something akin to the simple yet powerful art once created by ancient people who lived in harmony with nature.

Look again; listen. The artist engages tirelessly in a dialogue with soil and fire, experiencing the joys and wonders of their intrinsic power. Through this process, Uematsu’s works are imbued with an ineffable quality that transcends human intentionality and expression, a gift from the natural world.

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